Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Album

So without constant internet access I've found other ways to fill my electronic needs. I figured it was about time to make my wedding scrapbook album. I FINALLY found the scrapbook kit I've been looking for, so things are going nicely. Here's a little (big) peak at what I've been up to. In no particular order:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it stealing?

I've found a neighbor with unprotected internet. Is that stealing? I honestly don't know if this is wrong to do, but I'm using their signal. We are still working on getting the internet. We're having a hard time choosing which service we want. We've settled on quest, but we're still looking for some part or other. I'm not sure.

Anywho, things are going well. We're mostly unpacked. Our office area is still in boxes, but I think it will be that way for a while. I'm not ready to post pictures yet though. Maybe I'll do it as soon as I re-upholster the couch. I'm getting the itch to do that soon. I need to find a staple gun first though.

We really like our house. It fits us perfectly. Our life seems to fit it well. The kids love the toy room. I love the room in general. Our house is 1900 square feet but feel like 22 or 23oo. The best news is that our master shower is finally sealed and settled and ready for the first shower, which will be in about 4 minutes. It could have been ready sooner, but we've let it take time for everything to settle and be really, really waterproof. That and we don't have blinds in that bathroom. I finally just put some brown paper in the window. Real classy, I know. I just haven't found the fabric I want. And fabric won't happen until I find THE paint.

Kyle's had a rough week with napping and not napping and climbing out of his crib. After 8 days of fighting him I threw a mattress on the floor. He tried it one night. Then he decided his crib is really fine and hasn't climbed out since. Weird boy.

Claire had her first upset stomach this week. She's asked me to keep the details private, but it was a sad day. She reports however that she is amazed that I continue to love her after how "disgusting" the day was. And that makes me love her more.

I'm good. I have room to sew, and that keeps me sane more than I remembered. I also have scrapbooked a lot since we are without our own internet connection. I've done 40+ pages of our wedding album (7 years and no scrapbook album!). I'll post those with our own connection soon.

Well, the shower is calling me. I have an appointment to get work on my prosthetic tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still no internet...

Well, we're loving having our own home. We're basically moved in but still in clutter from the random things that don't have a home. I'm currently making roman shades for a couple windows. I finished one yesterday (took 10+ hours to make.) I've never pinned so much in my life. I have so many pokes and scratches that I look like i got in a fight with a cat!

Two significant things to share (as I sit using internet in the library parking lot!). Things are looking good. I've very excited about our ward. It is packed to overflowing every week with so many different people. I went to ward temple night where the relief society president (who is my age---so's the bishop give or take a few years) stopped me in the dressing room to tell me how she's going to remember my name.
Her: "I'm embarrassingly obsessed with pageants, and a few years ago there was this girl on Miss America named Jaclyn, and she looks JUST LIKE YOU."
Me: (silent and staring for a while) "That was me."
Her: No Way!
This was followed by a very long hug from her. Then she introduced me to everyone as Miss Utah. The secret is out folks. Now I have to do my hair and makeup daily just to keep up with the perception of beauty queen.

The best part about it was that I went to lunch the next day with a group of ladies from the ward (including the RS president who seems awfully normal even though she knew my name and Miss America stats) :). We had a collective 15 or so kids who were running around us, but it was wonderful. I've been praying to find close friends wherever we moved, and there seems to be a good chance of some great friendships here. Every time we're at church I feel strongly that this is where we are meant to be.

The other happening happened when we finally unpacked our wedding video and watched it with Claire the other night. When it was over she was absolutely sobbing. She managed to let us know that she was just so happy that mom and dad got married and that she just loved us. It was so cute. She cried for 5-10 minutes alternating between the two of us. Then when she said her prayers that night she tried to say that she was thankful that mom and dad got married and she sobbed again. What a tender heart. What a wonderful, sweet spirit we have.

And that's it for now. I guess Kyle is sick of sitting in the back of the car going no where. Maybe we'll have internet soon? And pictures of the house too!

Oh, and thanks for all of the christmas cards. They were sitting in our mailbox when we finally go the key. What a great surprise!