Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a great Christmas. We hauled all of our christmas stuff to the new house on Christmas eve. Claire slept. She's the only one. Christmas was amazing.

Now we're packing up and moving today. We'll be without the internet for possibly months. Wish us luck.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lucky number seven

So today was our seventh anniversary as Taylor noted.

Here is our first picture as a married couple:And here is one of my favorites of the day:
To celebrate today we went to dinner at Chili's with a promise to go to Maddox after the holidays (I've been thinking about their rolls, raspberry butter, and buffalo burgers for weeks now). We meant to see a movie but nothing (at the dollar theater) fit our time frame. So we did what we normally do, peruse Home Depot for things we didn't know we needed until we knew they existed. We also hit the Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers for the kids.

We didn't close on our house today---the computers were down, or so we're told. Our appointment is for 8:30 tomorrow morning. We'll see how we do with the expected weather.

Seven years has been awesome---we've actually had a lot of life struggles, but no relationship struggles. I was certain of my decision when I married Taylor, and I continue to affirm that feeling daily. Taylor began great, and improves as a husband and father with each passing year. He loads and empties the dishwasher, starts and folds laundry, helps put the kids down at night, gets them ready for church every sunday, is excellent at picking up around the house, and can cook anything from a box. He's even learning to be a handy-man with the house and car. I may get him his own tools one day (until then I keep a good eye on mine when he wants them). He's a wonderful life-partner, and even though he got me a repeat (semi-obscene) anniversary card, I am so grateful to have found him.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Still no news

So we were really planning on moving tomorrow. We were really planning on moving on 12/5 too. The panic I feel today at possibly not moving is significantly less than I felt on the 4th.

We obviously have the wrong underwriter. At this point where we keep getting told "any day now" we feel like switching lenders would take just as long. There have been a few snags along the way, but this is getting ridiculous. Taylor took a day off for swine flu and thus they panicked that he didn't work full time. Somewhere a social security number got rearranged and caused havoc. We originally were going to do a UHA loan, then switched to FHA. Then found out that FHA frowns upon a home owner doing work on the house (oops). Taylor graduated and our student loans showed up on our credit, and even though we don't have to make payments on them for two more years, the underwriter panicked again. Have I mentioned that our credit score is classified as excellent? Taylor is employed full time and on salary. I didn't know that anything else really mattered.

So we, like Mary and Joseph of long ago, continue to search out for our own home for Christmas. (Not to discount the ample, warm, and otherwise desirable and free home provided by our generous sister and brother-in-law, we just would like to move into our own currently empty house). Every time I hear "I'll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams" on the radio I feel as though it's taunting me.

And Kyle gave all of us colds. Nasty ones. My mom got it too (sorry, mom). So that's us. And yet it could be worse. At least we know that at some point we'll move in. At least we're not renting and getting kicked out with each passing deadline. At least, and most importantly, Taylor has a job. It's rare in this economy for interns in his field to be hired, so we are really grateful for that. And we'll be home for Christmas in our dreams.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


No we haven't moved. I don't want to talk about it...

I've been indexing the 1910 census today. It has a place where the women list how many living and how many dead children they have. On just one page I have the numbers are 7 living and 4 dead, 6 and 4, 12 and 8; and most astounding, one woman had 14 living and 11 dead.

And while I've had two documented miscarriages, I'm assuming that those aren't what is counted in this census. I can't imagine losing a child. A baby or any age child. Let alone multiple children. I'm so grateful for modern medicine and that both of my children were delivered healthy and remain quite healthy. They are truly my greatest blessing.

Last night Taylor spent the night in Logan, so Claire slept in my bed with me. It was a rather cold night, so she just snuggled up to me all night. I loved it. We are so blessed. Even if we haven't moved. Cross your fingers (and pray) for this Saturday.

Monday, December 7, 2009

If I had neighbors...

Since we're moving so close to Christmas, we may be forgoing neighbor gifts this year. However, if I were giving this year, this is what it would be:
For instructions click here. So beautiful and simple. And I bet it's tasty.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You have to go

Tonight we had a great experience at a live Nativity. Taylor's parents told us about it, and we met them there, but none of us had any idea what we were getting into. We thought we'd walk up, have a look and leave. Instead we waiting in line for over an hour (with some admitted serious line cutting, if you don't fill the gap---we will!). It was FREEZING. Especially since we don't really know where our winter coats and gloves are. But they had fire pits all along the way, so we had a chance to thaw out here and there.

If you go:
It's open from 6-10 nightly until this Saturday (12/5)
I don't know the address, but take 12300 south west to 700 west and go north. The chapel is in a few blocks. Arrive early or maybe go late. We got there around 6:30 and the line was crazy.

I'll give you the mini tour. But you should go. Even you Logan friends, drive down. You shouldn't miss it. And I guess they only do it every other year.

Each little post is amazing. It's like the best movie set you've seen. The accessories, the clothing, the furniture and fabric, all so ancient looking. This it the first stop. He's a prophet writing down the prophesies of Christ.
This is the camel (Yes, a real camel!). The kids could pet all of the animals. The camel was next to the Wise Men, but we skipped them to get around the crowd:) The camel was amazing soft. Kyle LOVED it. Couldn't get enough camel, couldn't take his eyes off of it for the picture.

This is one smart dog all curled up in the hay!
This is at the "gate" of the little city (which thankfully is indoors!). Look how real everything is!
Once we were indoors we couldn't use a flash (It scared the chickens who were wandering around), and it was really dark (candlelit, to be true to the times). I had to use my night vision on my camera. It actually did quite decent. This man was the carpenter. There were many little corners and nooks with people doing back-in-the-day things. Most poignant to me was a man who simply opened a door, looked you in the eye and said "No room." It was crowded there as I'm sure Jerusalem was, I could imagine their plight.
Here are a few more scenes. There were 6-7 that I didn't get.

I loved this. These women were just chatting by a well with running water. Many of the scenes were those described in scripture. Not sure what that streak of light is in that picture.
Look at all the props above this woman. Look at the chicken :)

There was little announcing that the Christ Child was coming up around the corner. They did have some beautiful music as you approached, but it came up so suddenly that I was very touched to see the scene. I must say I teared up, which is unusual for me. I didn't want to leave. It was such a great emotion to see this with live people and imagine how it would have been.
I turned my night vision off and just got what I could get without a flash. I think they turned out well.
I especially love this picture and how white the swaddling turned out.
Anyway, you have to go if you can. Bundle up the kids and go early. Both of my kids understood what they saw and loved petting the animals. When we got home we had a quick talk about how Christmas really is about Jesus and how it's his birthday. I think seeing the real thing instead of pictures helped Claire understand a lot more. We hope to make this a tradition (every other year, of course) for our family.

And dress warm!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Craig's List

My friend Shannon has a rocking chair/recliner that would go perfect with our couch. (Remember this beauty? $50 at the DI and I was in love.) She got it in a round-about-way. She'll be the first to say it's seen better days, but every time I see it I think how I need one to go with the couch. Today I once again noticed it. She mentioned that it's a La-Z-Boy. So I came home and searched Craigslist for vintage recliners (not chairs as I previously have), and Ta-Da! This little baby popped up:

She's in pretty great condition, but obviously in need of a complete upholstery makeover even though the upholstery itself is complete and intact. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to go without ruffles when the time comes. I went to pick it up with only $19 in my purse (it was listed at $25). I think I could have done it for ten, but whatever. It was at the office for 1-800-got-junk. Apparently this is a perfect example of one man's trash being another's treasure. MY treasure that I've been searching for. On the way out of the office I noticed a cool box of white and blue and silver sparkling ornaments. I offered as many quarters as were in my car. It turned out to be 8 quarters, and I left with the ornaments too. I'm going to make a BYU wreath.

Now I need reupholstering lessons, but I know a great seamstress, so I think I'm in luck. I can't wait to see how they turned out. I've decided that my personal style is kind of a transitional modern vintage/retro. I'm going to use this fabric for the recliner, window valence, and some pillows on the couch:
I'm yet to find what I'm going to use for the couch. Probably something neutral. I'm deciding whether I'm going to be brave and paint the wood on the chair or couch a color other than dark brown. I'm thinking some of that green from the pillow for the chair in a nice glossy finish, what do you think?