Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 Years...

I survived my 10 year high school reunion. It wasn't too bad; in fact, I don't know why people stress about them. I basically went with some friends, we sat with more friends, and people watched everyone else. It was funny to see how everyone was still grouped into the same groups. I noticed a few friends who had obviously had a falling out. It was interesting.

All in all, it made me just that much gladder for the life I have. I think of the things I hoped for, the boys I worried so much about, and the girls I only dreamed of being friends with---and I see how things turned out so much better. It made me laugh to think how important some of those things seemed. My life during the last 10 years has been so blessed. My husband is wonderful---more than I could have asked for. And my kids were the cutest there by far (maybe I'm biased...). Garth Brooks's song "Unanswered Prayers" comes to mind. I am so grateful that God has a plan for us...and that he makes it happen no matter how hard we try to screw it up!

After the reunion I met up with three friends for ice cream at Los Hermanos (we ate there constantly in high school). We had a great time and laughed so much reminiscing. Nothing like looking back to see how far we've come.

Can't wait to see where we are in ten more years.

Here's the group (Claire wouldn't let go):

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She does like me

I'm never sure how Claire really feels about me. Whenever I give her a decision to make she inevitably will choose the option I would not have chosen. "She hates me" often runs through my head at times like that.

Well, Taylors WONDERFUL parents took our kids from last Friday night to Sunday afternoon. (Thanks again!). We met up with them at Rob and Whitney's church. Claire bounced in happily aiming her smiles and hugs at her dad, but was sidelined when she crossed me path. In one movement she planted her self on me, sobbing the word "Momma!" over and over. I honestly thought she was disappointed to see me because I would take her home (She had actually expressed this exact sentiment that morning to her grandparents). After calming her down a few minutes later (and after Sacrament meeting started) she was able to choke out that she was crying because she missed ME! This is new to me. She wouldn't leave my lap for the remainder of the meeting. And although she bravely attended a new Sunbeam class, the same thing happened again as soon as I picked her up from Primary. "Momma!" and more tears. It was wonderful. I am loved.

Puppy, by the way, didn't seem to care either way. And to think that he was the one I was worried about!

We did have a great time without kids though. We went to a movie (Angels and Demons), a first for our time in Logan. We went furniture shopping. We hit a record amount of stores without having to chase children and strap them in and out at every stop. We went to a few jewelry stores looking to get our rings dipped and cleaned (7 years later, I think it's time!). We decided it was time to upgrade my diamond (something that was always in the plans as soon as school was over), so that's always good news! Pictures will certainly follow as soon as it is returned.

We also slept in (oh the peace of waking at your own time---for me it was 10:30). We borrowed a couple bikes and had a great ride. I was surprised that my legs didn't hurt the next day---but in other news I haven't been able to sit comfortably since then. If I ever ride a bike again I'm getting a fancy gel seat for sure.

Big thanks again to Taylor's parents for taking our kids. We loved the time off. Let's do it more often :)

Oh, and expect big news to be coming soon. Maybe as early as tomorrow.