Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Taylor was called to be the 1st counselor in our new bishopric on Sunday. Well, technically we got the calling from the stake on Wednesday, but he was confirmed Sunday. He also became a high priest. We’re so proud of him, and happy for him to get this experience in our church. He’ll be serving with two great guys, Brother Hadfield and Bishop Michel. Believe it or not, at the tender age of 30, Taylor is the OLDEST member of the bishopric!

I’m not really looking forward to spending Sacrament without him as he’s the one to make the bathroom trips, take kids out, and do most of the general disciplining that happens during the meeting. And even worse he’s the one who gets the kids ready every morning before church. This is going to call for some changes in our family, but good changes.

When we got the call to meet with the stake, Taylor just hung up the phone and looked at me. We nodded at each other and nothing more needed to be said. We both knew what it meant---but we were ever so grateful that he didn’t end up being the bishop. Counselor seems like a breeze in comparison.

Claire did manage a slip-of-the-tongue at playgroup the next day. Someone asked what Taylor’s calling was. I said he was the ward clerk, but Claire piped in, “No. Remember, Mom? Remember last night? He’s not the ward clerk anymore!” I tried to cover. The report from fellow attendees was that they didn’t notice, but I’m sure they’re just being kind. They had to have had suspicions---as did Gene across the street who saw all of us dressed up on a Wednesday night after the children’s bedtime headed toward the stake center. He also figured that one out real quick.

All-in-all this will be wonderful. And please, if you’re lonesome on Tuesday nights, don’t hesitate to call or come on over.