Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Claire has started pre-school. Finally. A friend from the ward, Keli, recommended the school her son attends, so we just went with it. So far so good. She's been three times, and loves it more each day.

We have encouraged her to do at least one kind thing a day while she's at school. Then when I pick her up I ask her about it. She has twice reported helping the teacher and once helping a child pick something up. Today someone helped her glue butterflies to her paper. She appreciated that. In face they must have been a great team because she came home with a butterfly glued to her butt. BUTTerfly. Get it? I thought it was funny. Kyle and Claire just stared at me.

The best part of school is when we get to hear the stories and see the day's creations. Kyle loves to see what she comes home with. He offers ample praise: "Good job, Claire!" "So cute, Claire!" over and over. I can just see his inward battle on controlling his strong desire to want to be with her at school. He cried the first time Keli came to pick her up. He had his shoes on and was ready to go too! Today being day three he's starting to realize that it means one-on-one time for Kyle and Mom, and since I'm his absolute-number-one-favorite-person-of-all-time it bodes well (though not so well when he got up SIX times last night and would only be comforted by his "Mommy! I need MOMMY!").

On another Claire note she sang at Kerry Lynn (MIL)'s Women's Conference. I was a little concerned about the words----which all came out, but in an incorrect order. And she woke up that morning with a sore throat. Gram sewed the perfect dress, and we even curled her hair (with a lot of effort from both mom and Claire). There was a large cheering section which included: Me, Kyle, my mom, my sister Suzy, Taylor's sister Whitney, Taylor's Dad, Taylor's Grandparents, our special friend Sharon Dunn, and Kerry Lynn's Fab Five Friends. Taylor was totally bummed that he couldn't make it because of work. Apparently he hadn't been informed of the upcoming performance even though he had been to rehearsal.
With a little luck and a lot of prayer she was fabulous. She sang the first verse to Be Still My Soul. My mother-heart swelled within my chest like never before. Almost to tears. Almost. She even hummed one verse while Kerry Lynn played the harp. It was lovely. She was perfect.
When she finished Kyle clapped and shouted, "Yeah, Claire!" very loudly. Everyone giggled. He loves his sister so much.
Here is a picture after the dessert bar and after much running around. The kids and Gram:

And isn't Kyle the cutest little boy ever? He knows Be Still My Soul too now:)

Oh, and news of the week is that we are going to have our first nephew in July. Whitney, Taylor's sister, is expecting the little guy. We couldn't be happier for them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm losing it, are you?

So Saturday was Miss America. A bunch of us from the ward gathered together to watch it. I promised to bring my annual Miss America dessert (so good, and certainly so bad for you that we try to do it only once a year). One of the ingredients is vanilla instant pudding. Thursday night i bought all of the ingredients. Saturday morning I got up early to make it before I had to be in Lehi by 10 for my mom's women's conference. I got the the pudding part and realized that I bought cook and serve pudding. With no time to spare I quite right there, put it in the fridge and planned to finish it before the party (fortunately there is no baking involved). So on my way back to Ogden I stopped and got more pudding. Double-checked to make sure it was instant. Got home, went to dump it, and again, Cook and Serve. What the heck? So I apologize for not bringing my much-spoken-of dessert. I did whip up the cook and serve and let it cool for hours and we had it last night. Taylor is happy to have access to as much as he wants.

It continues though. I left my scriptures at church yesterday. Then I was making a meat pie for dinner. I was making the crust and made only one layer instead of two. I'm beginning to worry.

Anyway, wasn't it fun to have someone win Miss A and actually have picked her as the winner? Wow! We were happy. My dad put together a "Party Bag" for everyone complete with programs and Miss Utah buttons and my crown. Everyone wore a button and got a picture wearing the crown. We stayed until 1am chatting, which wasn't so great for 9:00 church. Not to mention that the same group of us were out until 10ish on Thursday and spent the night together Friday (not me, I left at midnight). Our husbands may not be up for "girl's night" again any time soon :) And maybe the lack of sleep and excitement of adult conversation is why my brain isn't working...

Two things: Still didn't love the open-leg stance for swimsuit. SOO SOO SOOOOO glad that I didn't have to be in a reality show or called up for talent with two second before I had to begin.

And one more thing: Did you watch the Miss A preview show with Clinton Kelly? Wasn't he class-less? Boobies bouncing? He said that was his favorite part. Then they aired some negative comments about some of the girls while they were competing. If that were me I would cry when I saw it, and it would ruin the whole Miss A experience for the poor thing. Hated that part!